Monday, 31 March 2008

Samy Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Samy said Indians should get 2 exco positions in the state government's of Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor. According to Samy, the sole Indian exco members in the four opposition-controlled states will not be able to provide effective representation for the community, especially with BN still controlling the federal government.

When queried by Malaysiakini on why there are NO Indian exco member in Pahang, he muttered something about enough of begging and accepting Pahang state government "feelings" on having no Indian representation. I see. So his political masters feelings are apparently that important huh? What happened to his 2 exco argument given BN offered none in Pahang then? He even admitted on similarity of lack of representation shown by BR-led state governments and BN's when he said,

"Why only one? Why are they following just like Barisan Nasional (BN)?"

Doing a little background check, thanks to lack of updates in their official website, MIC kept the names and records of the state assembly members who won in 11th general election and appointed as state executive committee members.

Back then, MIC had 18 state assembly members; Kedah (2), Penang (2), Perak (4), Selangor (2), Negeri Sembilan (2), Malacca (1), Johor (4) and Pahang (1). Clearly, according to Samy's argument, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Johor state governments back in 2004 should allocate 2 exco positions to ensure the Indians are well represented.

Well, Samy must be really disappointed with BN because all MIC gotten was 1 exco position each for Penang, Kedah, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor even after winning big in the 11th general election. Despite having a sizeable population in Selangor (13.3% of total Selangor population according to Wikipedia), there are NO exco position allocated in 2004 and lest we forget, an Indian deputy chief minister and Indian state assembly speaker is totally unheard of then.

Funnily enough, on his electoral loss, he said,

"They (the voters) did not throw me out, they threw BN out. The people said they did not vote against me but against BN," he added.

I guess Samy must somehow be suffering deep inside (nevermind that the "perpetual hairpiece" of his is an eyesore). He decides to finally pour out his disappointments with BN. Not only is his recommendation for appointing a Johor state exco rejected while his begging falls on deaf ears, he risks being forgotten for good as he is now a spent force desperately creating negative media attention so as people will remember he once existed. So why is he barking up the wrong tree? Doesn't he know he should ask BN first on fair representation?

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Samy Intercessory Work for HINDRAF 5

So finally Samy decided to speak up for HINDRAF 5. Apparently, he will be meeting Mr Big Ears to discuss on this. No, it is not a publicity stunt according to him. He only did it because families of Manoharan and R Kengadharan had approached him for assistance (UPDATE @ 31/3/08: Turns out to be false according to Mrs Manoharan). As quoted by Malaysiakini today,

"Because they made an approach, I will talk to the PM (about securing their freedom)," he said, adding, "We also don't want them to be kept inside.

"The government has to make a decision. Kenghadharan is very sick, Manoharan is an elected member. So I think it is quite reasonable. I am going to ask PM (to release them) and meet the Internal Security Minister (Syed Hamid Syed Albar).

"I made some moves on this earlier, but I didn't tell anybody. I will now make a very strong move to see what can be done," he added.

He further spoke on why this is motivated based on "fairness".

...he said: "At the same time, we feel that as Indians, we have to do something about this."

Yawn! That's how I feel too for a has been...


How compassionate of him isn't it? He even justified his "aid" by evoking humanitarian and racial familiarity as amongst the points he argued for their release. Yet, his help is limited mind you, one must approach him first. Nevermind that the whole concept of detention without trial is repugnant, to him it matters more because apparently he was approached for help. I wonder what will he say if he remembers what he told the crowd which gathered in Prai on 16 February 2008 about these people being criminals (Uncle Kit's comment here). I guess the concept of right and wrong has to take a back seat on this one.

Samy, if you really want to be fair, why don't you also approach Mr Big Ears to free all ISA detainees and initiate the repudiation of ISA? I am sure you will go down in history as the one who plays a big role in getting this administration to do the right thing for a change by repelling ISA. You will not only receive the immense gratitude from the ISA detainees as well as their families and friends but win praises from the rakyat.

But then again, no one approach you on that huh?

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Shit Is Not A Skin Care Product

Well, the whole "constitutional crisis" has fizzled out. Yup, despite all the rhetoric, UMNO or more specifically, Abdullah, finally bowed out.

And I thought Abdullah has the balls to challenge His Majesty the Sultan of Terengganu since he thought it is unconstitutional for the Sultan to appoint Ahmad Said. Afterall, he already did it via MSM. Might as well exhaust all the means available right? Like calling all his Terengganu assemblymen to give Ahmad Said the boot via a no confidence motion and the sack for defying UMNO leadership decision as they only endorsed Idris Jusoh as the "legitimate" MB.


Like it or not, this merely send another signal that despite all their talk that everything is still in their control, in actual fact it has whittled like an impotent attempting to "get it up". Their days of invincibility and trampling on others are numbered. Yes, it is time for them to realise there are other people around them and they too, deserve to be treated as human beings more so when we are talking about royalty. So sorry dear, he is your King, not your rubber stamp you so loved to toy with.

I can imagine Mr Big Ears fidgeting when asked if BN lost face by backing down and only able to mutter an answer along the line, not necessarily. And when the press refuse to let go by asking more on this, an obviously irritated Big Ears can't bear this anymore and can only attempt to silence them with something along the line that the press need not know everything and it is done in the interest of Terengganu people.

After falling flat on a pile of shit of one's creation and attempting to wipe off the stain from one's face is certainly not a pleasant sight. But to say it is a good skin care treatment is really stretching it.

So I wonder, how is it in the best interest of the people if in the first place as a leader of a party, the best candidate you offered have been rejected?
Is it then not an error of judgment? Could this also mean you don't know your own people well enough to make an informed endorsement for the best person to lead the state where this person would enjoy the confidence of the majority of the Terengganu state legislators?

They may have the power to form the federal government, formulate policies and laws in this country but they are now forced to content with the existence of others which cannot be easily sidelined like before.

Yes, it is a sweet sight. For once they have to sweat it out to earn their keep. No more spinning bullocks and getting credited for it. Keep fidgeting, there is certainly more coming.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Let Your Yes Be Yes, Your No Be No

To be honest, the only interviews I ever gotten are job interviews. At times, when I am uncertain on things because I do not have the facts, I would opt to be honest and tell them I don't know. Sometimes, if I find the question rather sensitive, I would try to divert it. Somehow, I believe they sensed I am uncomfortable with those questions and move on to other questions. Such questions are however, seldom raised. But I believe when a sensitive question is asked as it somehow is related to the job I am applying for, I would ask them to clarify and answer accordingly. It is best afterall to clear any doubts in their minds.

Wouldn't it be nice if all government officials wear this badge?


As such, I find it perplexing when the new Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim spoke in such non-committal fashion when it comes to the executive committee members and himself making public declarations of their assets held when he was recently interviewed by Malaysiakini. It appears that the new state government has yet to decide on whether this little action, which carries a huge symbolic step forward in projecting an image of upholding a higher degree of transparency and accountability, should be done and when it would be done.

The excerpts are as follow:

The Penang state government has directed its leading government officers to declare their assets publicly.

We'll do it also*. I think we've also made the same statement, but the timing of its implementation will take time.

Will they declare to you or directly to the public?

I'll have to ask my excos first. Some do not want to make their declarations public* for family reasons.

* - Sounds like he is contradicting himself. Am I being overly sensitive?

Even the Barisan Nasional-led federal government is directing cabinet ministers to declare their assets publicly.

Well, it's up to my excos. If they feel they want to make it public, then we'll make it public. But there are reasons for this, because they say they do not want to show their shareholdings to the public**.

** - Is he trying to tell us that the heart is willing but the flesh is weak?

Doesn't that raise questions regarding the excos' transparency?

No, no, no. There's a difference. In some countries they do that. They will give their details, but they do not want it to be public^.But most likely, we'll make it public. I must get their agreement^.

^ - Seriously, who might these Excos be? Are they trying to hide something?

Who is it that may be declaring their assets?

The excos and the menteri besar.

To be fair, he did state they will be most likely to make it public. Let's hope the Exco and MB wise up by committing to making known all their assets held for public knowledge. I am sure some people (Read: BN) will want to know too since it may play to their advantage. But seriously, it is better to be seen to uphold the principles of integrity, honesty and accountability by one's consistent actions and words rather than merely wear a badge or uniform to state one's point. By driving around town with a banner stating I stand with Malaysia-Today.Net, can anyone for sure state that I actually support it?

Being underdogs supported by a surge of protest votes, they should translate these votes into sustainable supportive votes by fulfilling their promises and upholding the principles of good governance and transparency. Time is of the essence as some would say and I hope the Barisan Rakyat-led state governments remember this always as they have less than 5 years to prove they are the Federal-government-in-waiting material.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

5 Long Grueling Months Ahead

Just spoke to mom and dad after they came home around 10 pm. Apparently, the breast specialist in public hospital told mom that the growth is on stage 2, not stage 3. Surgery will take place on Friday next week to remove both breasts. This would be followed by 1 month of recovery. I am not sure on the precise date mom will be referred to the oncologist but it will be done after the surgery. After the 1 month recovery, mom would have to undergo 3.5 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I am quite surprised at the combined usage of both treatments. Is it really necessary for mom to be exposed to so much harmful radiation over such a period of time? Anyway, since the specialist is not the one administering the treatments, I believe we will get concrete answers on the extent of the treatments required once mom sees the oncologist.

Dad meanwhile complained about the overall services of the private hospital. Apparently, after being told last Friday on the unavailability of the results, both my parents visited the private hospital again on Saturday. They waited for 2 hours just to see a needle biopsy report which contains ambiguous wordings with no signature. Dad finds that highly unprofessional and complained that his lab does things better.

Grueling time ahead...

To be fair, I never trusted hospitals, be it private or public. I am worried on the impact of creeping profitability KPIs and fear of lawsuits that all health care providers are facing. Hence, at times, it is best to seek a 2nd opinion more so when it relates to serious illnesses.

Well, all said and done, I told him that we should listen to the expert i.e. the specialist. I related the experience from a few friends with relatives who undergo surgery anyway to remove benign growths. That sort of placate him. In some ways, he doesn't want mom to go through so much hassle for nothing. I am quite sure no one wants to go under the knife just for fun.

Sigh, it will be at least 5 long grueling months ahead for mom...

The Ignorant Fools

There is some hue and cry, that I must admit. People are upset yet, not as upset when Uncle Kit calls for a boycott of the swearing-in ceremony for the Perak PAS MB. There are police reports lodged but again, the hues and cries are quite subdued.

Hence I can't help but wonder why only weak hues and cries bring made? Perhaps MSM is not making an issue out of it? Is UMNO leadership any less disrespectful when they protested and called for the state's MB swearing-in ceremony boycott and threaten to sack the same MB which was chosen by the Terengganu palace? Not only that, the very idea of the head of the federal government stepping up and said only his choice is legitimate and anything else is unconstitutional sounds arrogant and unbecoming.

I wanted to believe that the specter of racialism has been buried for good following the May 8 election outcome. But I realised my wishful thinking are just that, a fairy tale best read during bed time to innocent children wanting to get a good night sleep. Yup, the spectre of racialism still haunts the living. We do not see its physical form of course but its manifestation is very real in the psyche of the rakyat.

The good example is of course in relation to Uncle Kit and his directive to boycott the swearing in of PAS MB in Perak. Nevermind he subsequently retracted his statement the next day and offered apology to His Majesty. What one read next in demonstrate perhaps what many often feel about the Chinese.

On one hand, the so-called DAP Chinese are portrayed as disrespectful and ignorant bordering on arrogance when it comes to following the Adat Istiadat Diraja like refusing to wear a songkok to seek audience with His Majesties or calling for boycott in public. On the other, when it comes to the UMNO Malays, they are somehow "privileged" with a freehand to decide what is the proper adat to follow and what is not. I guess even with adat, perhaps it carries a colour tone to it. I don't know, I believe it should be colour blind. Then again, we live in a real world where haunted locations are often sought after for the thrill of it.

Predictably, thus far no action have been taken. Will an apology from UMNO to His Majesty the Sultan of Terengganu be in the offering? Afterall, if the UMNO Malays themselves showed little respect, I doubt those from the other races be expected to walk the talk for them.

This is to me, blatant double standards when it comes to hues and cries but then again, I am only a Malaysian of Chinese descendant, an ignorant fool when it comes to adat.

2 Go Or Not 2 Go?

Sorry guys and gals.

I went missing since Thursday because I made a difficult decision. No, I have not abandon blogging. I went to Hanoi.

I went despite knowing on Tuesday my mom is physically sick. I struggled. I weighed the pros and cons. Importantly, I wonder what people will say if I choose to go. Deep down, I really want to go. I planned for the trip since last year. But mom is going through a difficult phase now, which no one, including herself, asked for.

I spoke to my friend, Myrrkat. She has always been a voice of reason even though at times I don't quite agree with her on some matters. She asked the right questions, gentle yet firm enough to make me feel guilty. It is not her fault really. She merely pulls away the carpet where I have been stuffing my guilt.

Yet, I asked her anyway. Deep down, I wanted to hear, "Yes, you should go." What more from a voice of reason? Well, guess what? Predictably she said something along the line, "Ok, but would you consider canceling the trip since your mom perhaps need you now to go through the difficult phase?"

I reasoned and rationalised with her. I told her my presence besides her while agonising on what the outcome is will not help either. She then said something along the line, "That's true. But you may get worried sick wondering about the outcome is right? Wouldn't that spoil the trip?" I agree with her. I am worried but I will call her on Friday when the results are out. Also, the days ahead will not be easy. It will be months before we see any light at the end of the tunnel. I want to get over and done with the trip and put it at the back burner once it is done.

It is difficult to live with a mask worn to please others.


She affirms the logic of my argument on why I want to go but she is careful enough to leave sufficient space for me to fill it with guilt. Yes, it has been bubbling. In the end, I decided to go. It is not because I neither care nor love mom. I know very well my days with mom forgone will never be recovered. But mere demonstration of sadness of possible loss and hopelessness and showing physical solidarity when the results are out on Friday (postponed to Saturday since Thursday is Maulidur Rasul holiday).

Instead, to cease routine and/or pre-arranged activities will not give much comfort to mom, who is still very much alive and kicking. The last thing she needs to see should her appointed time nears is our willful act of preemptive mourning. So, to heck with what people will think about me going to a trip while mom waits for the results. Mom knows I care for her. That is good enough for me.

Anyhow, the general surgeon, who did mammogram and needle biopsy, diagnosed mom's growths to be on level 3. Mom has called the lady doctor and set appointment to meet tomorrow to discuss on what mom needs to do i.e. treatment and such from hereon. It will be tough in the coming months.

And my friend is right though. Mom's state of health has remained at the back of my mind throughout the trip. I hate it when she is right.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Of Mammogram and Needle Biopsy - Reminiscent To 1997

The alarm rang at 7.20 am. At the back of my mind, I thought about the long day ahead. I am worried for mom. I wondered, how is she taking it?


As I walked down the staircase, I asked my wife where is mom. She pointed to her. Mom stood next to the pond, looking intently at the fishes swimming underneath the water, yet lost in her thoughts. Again, I wondered, how is she taking it?

Anyway, we left the house around 8.10 am. As usual on a working day, we have to face the dreaded morning crawl. The sky looked gloomy. Big menacing dark clouds were gathering over our heads, certainly clear ominous sign of impending torrential rain.


Well, the hospital looked busy. Who would have thought about such a large crowd seeking medical attention on a working day? I guess like the morning crawl, we know we are rushing somewhere, lots of vehicles around us but yet we are only engross with our own, oblivious to those around us. Am I guilty of this too? I know I certainly am.

Anyway, the doctor told mom to do a mammogram followed by the needle biopsy. Apparently, the ultrasound test done a few days before sufficed. So we went to the 1st floor to get it done. Again, there are large number of people waiting to do tests. As we waited for mom's turn, my mind wondered off to what it was like back in 1997.

That year, I woke up one fine morning not too different from today.
I am not sure it was a clear blue sky or dark overhanging clouds covering the sky. But I noticed my phlegm is red. It is not streaks of blood, but deep bloody red. Perhaps it is the heat or so I thought. I went to see a doctor later that day but after a few days, the medicine prescribed didn't help. Told dad about it and we decided to see his office panel GP. She examined and prescribed different medicine but she told me to come back if the prescription fails. She told me she is narrowing down the possibilities. I suspect she knows what it is but she don't want to jump the gun. Anyway, a week later, the bloody red phlegm remained. Dad was getting worried and we saw the office panel GP again. She told me she will be referring me to an ENT specialist.

The ENT specialist did his rounds and noticed a growth in my nose. He extracted a sample using a long pencil-like metal apparatus. He told us that there is a possibility the growth is malignant. That was my introduction to two new English words that day, malignant and benign. And a few days later, our fears were confirmed. It is malignant.

Yes, it is something like this...


Life took a drastic change from thereon. It was, if I recall correctly, 35 daily sessions of 3-min, 8 am sharp, Monday to Friday radiotherapy treatments specifically directed from my nose to the neck. Health obviously deteriorated from thereon. First it was the vomiting, followed by intense burning sensation on the face, losing of appetite, stiffen jaw, daily weariness while at the same time, the sides of my face turned dark with dead skin falling off. And yes, I lost hair too.

On the social front, college mates gave me strange looks.
It was like I am a freak of nature. I don't blame them. I will do the same too if I didn't know better. Luckily some good friends of mine was informed upfront. I had difficulties attending classes but I had to. I want to go to Australia to further my studies. I can't let this disease ground me. Every night is a struggle too. I can't sleep because the pain was very intense. Imagine your skin being seared while you can't open your mouth because every muscle in your face are being killed by powerful atomic radiation. I cried myself to sleep sometimes, wondering if it was easier to just die.

I remember in the middle of the treatment, I can no longer bear to eat. I lost my taste bud as my tongue too, are being stripped of life while my mouth were filled with blisters. Mom saw my struggles and she cried. She must have wondered, Why? Why my son? So I forced myself to eat, albeit slowly, as I felt by projecting courage, it will give hope to your love ones.

Thank God after that 7 weeks ordeal, I survive! A month after the treatment, the lost skin and hair grew back. I can taste again! No more blisters but I can no longer open my mouth wide while I am constantly thirsty. Because of this, I often carry a bottle of water with me and drank constantly during meals. Somehow, my mouth no longer produce sufficient saliva to consume food. Oh well...

Anyway, back to the present, I looked at my watch. It is about 10 am. Mom, who was seated next to me, watched TV and once in awhile, looked around at the growing number of patients. Later, they called her to do the test as it was her turn. I think it was around 11 am but I didn't check as I was busy doing my work on my laptop. The result was out at 1.30 pm and we went back to the the doctor to perform the needle biopsy. His prognosis, based on the mammogram and ultrasound report, is similar to the other doctor mom saw yesterday. He said the needle biopsy result, which will be out on Friday, should provide a more concrete finding.

Sigh... another long wait.

Khir Toyo Announced Resignation!

Shocking news!

Khir Toyo just announced he is resigning as chairperson of the Selangor Umno Liaison Committee and the state Barisan Nasional to take full responsibility for Umno's and BN's poor showing in Selangor at the recent polls!

Whoa. I wonder what happened to the "We'll Be Watching" warning directed at the new Selangor state government? Or could this be a concerted effort by factions not known to pro-Abdullah gearing up to challenge the incumbency in the coming UMNO general assembly?

Anyway, the bad news is Muhammad Muhammad Taib will be his replacement.

Oh well, we certainly live in interesting times...

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Déjà Vu - 1997 Again

Mom looked disturbed yesterday. Her mind was troubled judging by her facial expression. She then told my wife and I that her doctor referred her to see a specialist in a public hospital. She mentioned about checking on a lump in her left breast. I stopped eating and listened intently. Then I asked,"What time is the appointment tomorrow?" She said it is at 4 pm and she insisted on seeing the doctor on her own.

At 4.30 pm today I decided to give my mom a call. Turned out she was waiting for a van to transport her to the new wing as the specialist has moved to the new wing.

Called back at around 6 pm. Apparently she has gotten a queuing ticket number but there were 20+ people ahead of her. So I decided to drive there to accompany her. I knew what public hospitals are like when queuing to meet a doctor.

I was told getting medical attention from this new wing is similar to getting private hospital treatment at discounted prices. Well, the new wing looked decent but it is quite noisy with a large crowd waiting for medical attention. Anyway, by the time I got to her at around 7 pm, she told me there were 19 patients ahead of her. I asked what time did she get her number. She said it was around 5 pm.

At 8.10 pm, there were about 7 people ahead.

And we waited.

At about 8.40 pm, we kept waiting.

But thankfully, around 8.45 pm, it was mom's turn. The doctor mom was consulting turned out to be quite a pleasant lady in her fifties. She apologised for the long queue. Apparently, the long queue was due to her going off to an important medical convention from tomorrow onwards.

She read the letter and looked at the ultrasound scan. She asked my mom to lay down on the bed so as she can examine the lumps (turned out there are two). Her prognosis based on the limited information she had is bleak. She suspected the lumps are cancerous. She advised mom to see a surgeon in another hospital and get some tests done (mammogram, ultrasound scan and needle biopsy) in her absence. The doctor said with these tests, it would yield a more complete picture to allow her to form a conclusive diagnosis and advice on the treatment mom needs.

This is not good. In fact, it is very bad. Mom, on the other hand, attempted to put a brave and cheery face as she listened to the doctor. But we both knew the coming months would be rough. It had been more than a decade since we last had a cancer patient with us. Those period was the darkest months in my life that will forever change my outlook in life.

As we waited for the lift to take us down, I saw tears building up in mom's eyes.

And all I can think of at that very moment is, "Why? Why now?"

Somehow, thoughts of pain, suffering and death keep popping up. I refuse to have such thoughts. No, it is not time yet. IT IS NOT!

Oh Lord, please heal my mom. Please help her to deal with this just as how you showed me mercy and grant me strength in my darkest hour of suffering and pain. Lord, reveal thyself to her just as you have with me. Grant her a new lease of life just as you graciously gave me. Amen.

MSM boycott - 17 March to 23 March 2008

Up to 10 am this morning, I received 3 smses calling for the boycott of MSM. The message goes like this:

Dear Malaysians, "BUY NO PAPERS, READ NO LIES". D NST, STAR, B.Harian, Utusan, TNesan & even d SUN now r feedin lies 2 Msians. Dey cud not accept d elections defeat & r now attackin d oppsition. There r bigger problems brewing in UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakn & PPP but not mntion. LETS STOP BUYIN them 4 1wk fr Mon 17/3 till 23/3. See Msiakini, Msia2dy, BBC ,CNN, AlJazeera. Pls send msg to 10 ppl u know NOW.

Though I do not fully support the concept of total blackout of reading MSM reporting, I do however support the idea of stop feeding such entities with funds (and click here to know why). In fact, I have ceased such patronage since November last year in protest of their bias reporting which is ultra pro-establishment (Read: Pro-BN).

So I happily pass the message to more than 10 people as only via a hartal will these newspapers understand we don't like biased reporting. In less than 10 minutes, a friend reverted to say that, in good faith I suppose, that one shouldn't cease reading newpapers as one would need to know what policies and views of the government for one to then find out the direction the nation is heading and from there, to pray for the nation based on concerns one note. To her, it is better than stop reading these news altogether.

But MSM keep on spinning...


Well, I am very sure we are on the same stand i.e. on reading the news but we have different approach on how to register our discontent. For her, it is no action other than praying and waiting on the Lord to make changes. For me, I pray to God to ask Him to intercede for the nation but at the same time, sending a symbolic message to the MSM where it hurts the most will definitely register my disagreeable with their lopsided reporting.

So I replied her we must stop buying newspapers simply because one can't get fair reporting from MSM (well of late they appear to be repenting). I suggested she try alternative reports found on online news sites. She disagrees of course because she said people in general are able to discern whatever they read on newspapers. They don't just read to gain knowledge but also to see, hear and discern. To top it off, she started with a retort, "What is fair?..." Sigh...

I was cheesed by this. I replied to tell her that the problem with the world is not because there are presence of evil but because good people did nothing to stop evil. I told her it is her right to vote whomever or whatever she wants (Read: BN). I can imagine she went ballistic since her reply took a silent irritating play of words that people can discern regardless of what they read despite the little biased information available and before ending with a good day. Yup, scream and shout before slamming the door shut. Yup, that's how one should treat your naysayers.
Anyway, it seemed obvious she believes the media is somewhat biased but not enough to convince her to source for alternative views and news. She may have voted for BN as she viewed PAS as the real threat to the state of our nation (Huh? Yes, I am lost too considering what anyone can see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears when they visit Kelantan). Nevermind that the so called multi-racial coalition in power have continuously undermine her civil rights as a citizen of this country and the leaders of this coalition insulted her kind as pendatang, the irony is she might have cast her lot, out of fear, to support the devil she knows rather than with a non-existing devil which she has unfounded phobic ideas.

Is it too much to ask to just consider reading alternative online medias for once? Showing this kind of upfront dismissal when she has yet to spare even a second to read news from Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today for the benefit of doubt speaks much on her call to discernment.

Again, I find it very confounding when someone who has such in-depth knowledge of our legal adversarial system would be able to proclaim discernment without even looking at the other side of the story. How is she able to exercise proper discernment remains a mystery to me. I reckon she sees signs on the wall that somehow eludes me.

Can anyone out there tell me how will I know about ills afflicting our nation if all one hears are only good and wonderful news about this nation reported by propagandist MSM?

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Alternate "Cure" For Singlehood?

My friend asked me the other day whether she should buy a condo nearby her house. I wonder why she suddenly wants to move out and she told me she had family issue. She felt irrelevant and ignored at home ever since her nephew arrives one fine day about a year ago from the hospital. She also desires to live apart where she is free to make decisions on her own life. Sounds familiar I must say...

I asked her if she has covered the bases on living alone. She sounded confident so I decided to raise some practical worries. I asked if she considered being a female, wouldn't it be dangerous to live alone? Security in this country isn't exactly improving and our police have candidly told us that they alone cannot in entirety prevent crime and on daily basis they are having more cases to handle. Yes, a gated condo can elevate some security concerns but it isn't fool proof. Also, what if she falls sick, who then will take care of her? She is currently single and she doesn't have many close friends living nearby. Sigh...

Maybe I am a pessimist but I always run the worst case scenario in my head. I assume she might be single until old age. What if she was taking a shower and she falls in the bath tub? Living alone, will anyone be able to help her in time since more likely that not, a visitor will only come by once in a long while? Also, if she is walking down the street to buy some groceries, what if she falls and injures herself?

Meanwhile, my wife and our common friends were apparently on a mission on Saturday to help a certain single uncle (let's just call him John) and an ex-colleague (let's call her Jane) of my wife to consider the prospect of starting a relationship. Of course, John and Jane are interested in meeting someone from the opposite sex and if the celestial bodies are properly aligned with a little intervention from their relatives and friends, we should be hearing wedding bells come end of the year. In some ways, I am excited for them. I am not sure why.

This caught my eyes while savouring those oh so yummy and delicious pork dishes.

While savouring the yummy, oh so tender and mouth watering, fried pork ribs and roasted pork knuckles dishes, I realised something. We aren't getting younger and there are still a number of our friends who single and available. And there are mainly in their 30s and mostly from the feminine side. Most are interesting to settle down if they find the right partner but they are somehow "shy". Somehow, they would want to meet prospective partners from the opposite sex but at the same time, they would like to be courted.

In fact, at times, I felt that they would like to be an apple placed in a basket filled with other apples, clearly displayed for someone to take note of them. They would want to be displayed somewhat prominently but in order to not appear desperate, they would therefore need to be in the company of other apples. But the other apples are already labeled with the "Reserved" tags. Hmmm...

Anyway, to beat the shyness, it appears that the my wife and our friends who tagged along, a.k.a. match makers, have decided that Jane will be seated directly facing John. To ensure they have private get-to-know-you conversations, the match makers ensured that Jane spend as much time with John by strongly encouraging both John and Jane to travel in the same car whenever such opportunities arise.

I felt uncomfortable. Afterall, Jane is "shy". Shouldn't there be another date or two before demonstrating such boldness? But like how the women put it to me, when will there be a second date if they don't even exchange contact numbers? They impressed upon me that some things require bold nudging and this is one of them. Forget about destiny, they said, one must seize one's fate.

I find this whole prospect of match making intriguing and somewhat exciting but are we overstepping our bounds? But for an increasingly "shy" yet "somewhat desperate" aging population, shouldn't they view match making as a plausible option, an alternate "cure" perhaps to singlehood?

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Uncle Kit Apologises

It would seem that uncle Kit has issued an apology to His Majesty the Sultan of Perak and His Royal Highness the Regent of Perak for any offenses caused in regard to the appointment of Pasir Panjang state assemblyperson and Perak PAS secretary, Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin, as the 9th Menteri Besar of Perak.

His apology as I quote from his blog:

My three-paragraph statement at 7 pm last night that the DAP Central Executive Committee emergency meeting on 9th March had not given approval for a PAS Mentri Besar to head a Perak coalition state government was not made out of disrespect to the Perak Sultan and Regent both whom I have always held in the highest regard and I apologise for any offence caused. The statement was on the party position at the time.


Hmmm, I am curious. What did transpire between 7 pm last night till the making of this public apology announcement? Oh well, so far Uncle Kit only provided the following:

There have been further discussions and developments on the matter in the hours after the statement. Announcements of the latest position will be made.

As for me, I will wait and see what will transpire next. I want to know what else he has to say. There are some who are clamouring for a full public apology to all offended parties. Personally, I don't think it is necessary but to clear misunderstanding, the next announcement should contain details and explanations as to why the departure from the original DAP CEC decision made on 9 March 2008. A simple "I am misquoted by the Press" will definitely not suffice.

The good news is the 18 DAP Perak state representatives
will be attending the swearing-in ceremony of the new Menteri Besar at 4 pm today.


Well, it seems DAP has yet to issue further announcements as of now. But I am disappointed by two developments after Uncle Kit issued his apology.

Firstly, apparently DAP and PAS had come out with a Perak executive council seat allocation that is detrimental to the whole coalition government i.e. DAP - 8, PKR - 1 and PAS - 1. This is very unfair. Can't they just stick to the original allocation i.e. DAP - 6, PKR - 2 and PAS - 2? That is afterall proportionate to total number of seats won by all these 3 parties. PKR, though still opted to maintain their support for the new coalition government, are nonetheless threatening to pull out from the state administration, a sad outcome if you ask me.

Secondly, pissing off His Royal Highness the Regent of Perak when PKR refuse to endorse the Regent's choice of Menteri Besar. Gosh, I thought there is a upfront agreement? Must I slap the word "sore loser" on the head of PKR's Jamaluddin? And awhile ago, I thought PKR is above this childish squabbling between DAP and PAS. Thank goodness, the Regent saw to it that each and every single state representatives from DAP, PKR and PAS put on paper that they endorse and support the chosen Menteri Besar.


Honestly, I would rather have a stable government than protracted arguments on who gets what. Seriously, enough jockeying of power. Listen to your calling, "To serve is better than be served". Serve the rakyat and fulfill their wishes for a better nation. Prove to them a real multi racial and religious coalition can work in harmony and unity.

Sigh. Wait, why am I wasting my time? Why should I even be bothered if these people aren't mature enough to get their acts together like real adults? I can't believe I am about to say this but I hope the Regent just ask BN to form the Perak state government. His Royal Highness should do like what God did to the Israelites when they refuse to enter the Promise Land out of fear and distrust. Let them wonder around the desert for 40 years until this generation of leaders die out.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Why Uncle Kit? Why DAP? Why?

I am sad. The winds of change have hit a snag. Honestly, I know where Uncle Kit is coming from. I know DAP has tirelessly defended the Constitution and the notion of secular state. It is hard for them to justify to the mainly Malaysian Chinese supporters why they are working together with PAS and let alone install a PAS Menteri Besar to govern over them. It would seem to backtrack from their stand made earlier.

Importantly, it would appear that DAP has backtracked from the idea of meritocracy when being the party with the largest representation among the opposition alliance, it is only right DAP should be allowed to lead the pack.

Yet, this is a unique situation DAP has never entered into before. It is about governing a group of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, creed and religions. For as long as one can remember, DAP only loosely govern its own members. Yet here, DAP is asked to govern a nation. Hence, there will be minorities (including their currently unpopular political opponents), requiring care and support, which may hold dissenting views from DAP's. Hence, when DAP is given the option to work together with others who share the greater vision of creating a Malaysian Malaysia, yet have different ideology on how to achieve unity, should DAP reject it outright due to ideology difference?


Prior to 8 March 2008, no one expect the outcome to be as drastic as the one presented in the night of 8 March 2008. The people, believing in a vision of lasting change where a better, unified, cooperative and understanding nation will emerge from the decadent ways of the past, have given their resounding yes by gambling their 5 years for an untested coalition to govern for them. Though not everyone is ready, those who delivered these votes did the unexpected. The rakyat is tired of race based politics, of segregation and rule. They are tired of feeling insecure and watching only their own backs to the exclusion of others. Deep down, everyone wants to have some measure of trust from which a more civil and friendlier society can be built upon. They want to trust the stranger on the street when he/she said yes means yes and a no means no. The rakyat is tired of being labelled by skin colour and dealt according to such stereotypical assumption.

There are much to be done to break the chain of distrust and fear and the least we need is jockeying for positions of power. Ultimately, the ones elected are heading those who willingly lay down their lives to serve the community. So when to serve is better than be served, can those who volunteer to serve put aside their difference and work together to serve well? Work together, let the results speak. There is little need to placate the few who distrust PAS come the 13th general election if PAS succeed in proving themselves to be far more moderate and understanding compared to BN.

We are a people made up of individuals with free wills and minds of our own. We are capable of being different on many things yet in one accord we want to live with one another in peace and harmony, accepting our differences as gifts, not curses. If we, the rakyat, have risen above racial and rhetoric politics, why can't our leaders, empowered by us, do the same? Must our hands be forced to do the unnecessary just so that the winds of change will continue to blow strongly?

No one is indispensable.
If we must sacrifice the self righteous who forgot the real needs of the nation, then we must part ways. This will be painful because we are in one accord only until a few hours ago. But if we must, we must.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

So What If DAP FINALLY Decide to Be Part Of Barisan Rakyat?

Sigh. It is only 3 days and some "saviour" of Chinese speaks up. Apparently, he has an issue with DAP lying. Yup, DAP lied. Shocked? The Star Online reported:

The DAP has revealed its “true face” to the people by cooperating with PAS to form the next state government, Perak MCA chief Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said.

All this while, the DAP has been denying that it is working with PAS when they sought the support of the Chinese community in Perak during the campaigning period,” he said.

After getting their votes, the DAP is doing otherwise,” he said yesterday when commenting on the new ruling coalition government of the DAP, PKR and PAS.

You had your chances yet you smiled with a muffle

In fact, uncle Kit himself drew the boundary in his blog. But before we start condemning DAP, let us ask ourselves this. Is it really an issue for DAP to form Perak state government with PAS? Did we vote, in support of DAP because of their claims of no electoral pact with PAS or to see the BN-led governments punished for their claim to be moderate and a party for all yet led to:

i) Rising crime rates,

ii) Judiciary being beholden to the ruling party (thanks to revelation from Lingam tapes),

iii) Indifference to the plight of ordinary citizens affected by rise in prices of everyday goods,

iv) Blatant abuse of power like Zakaria building his palace in Klang and PKFZ scandal,

v) Outright state sanctioned (incidentally MCA could have spoke up but chose to remain quiet) erosion of non-Malay and non-Muslim rights, and

vi) Breakdown of national unity based on hegemonic divide and rule policy practiced by racial based BN?

Well, I have no issue with DAP forming government with PKR and PAS. It is really inevitable since DAP works with PKR anyway. It is about time DAP realise the reality and stop living in denial. DAP need to work with PAS to bring about the greater good for everyone in Malaysia. Personally, at least PAS politicans are honest by making their stand on Islamic state clear (which have since been watered down as they realised the geopolitical and communal reality of the rest of Malaysia). Unlike some party lead by a certain Mr Big Ears who claim to represent all and moderate as well yet allowed for:

i) Lina Joy and Revathi Massosai be denied their religious freedom,

ii) R Subashini and S Shamala be denied a say in the conversion of their children?

iii) non-Muslim heirs of N Moorthy be denied the right to inherit the estate of N Moorthy because N Moorthy is a Muslim?

Yup, this "saviour" loves rhetorics. When asked why have he not fulfill any of his development promises to Kinta Valley folks made back in the 11th general election, his only excuse for fulfilling none is because he was not elected as their member of parliament.

Anyway, we still need a watchdog to ensure the 5 opposition-led states stick to the game plan of the bosses i.e. the rakyat. A few Lassie wannabes will have to do for now...

Monday, 10 March 2008

The Aftermath Realisation

I am still euphoric about the outcome of the whole 12th general election. Seriously, is it possible? Is this a dream? Has the mighty BN finally been humbled? Yet, from what I am reading from MSM and Malaysiakini, there is no real acceptance of reality and worse still, a lot of yes men and women instead yelling their "whole hearted" support.

I can see why they are still happy though. The art of governance is different from the art of criticism. Just like when we see how someone could play football well, we can even compare the different players and the best style in scoring the ball, it doesn't mean we can play it well. So will Barisan Rakyat succeed? Can they finally be the alternative the rakyat so yearn? The real change?


We all love heroes. It doesn't matter if it is fictional, so long as it is believable. We may be adults as we grow old, become more cynical of the reality we perceive, yet we do look for heroes. Afterall, heroes inspire us in some way. To act in a manner we ourselves, on our own, may not be able to perform. I must say, from this election, I have found my fair share of political and/or social justice heroes. People like RPK, Haris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz (really admire him during the Al Jazeera interview), Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Jeff Ooi, Po Kuan and Teresa Kok to name a few.

So, when some, if not all, of our heroes are given the power and authority to bring changes, wouldn't we be euphoric? Yet, our heroes are but human. My immediate concern is whether can they perform up to expectation of the rakyat? I know that in relation to toll rate hikes, this is under the purview of Federal government. The ability of any of the opposition-led state governments to seek reduction, let alone abolishment, of such toll rate hikes would be impossible. Also, when it comes to petrol, gas and diesel prices, only the Federal government can decide whether to continue to subsidy or not.

Our federation, unlike USA or even Australia, has largely succeeded in centralising wide ranges of power. From my limited understanding, the only prominent roles the States held where Federal government will beg are matters relating to land, appointment of city councillors and Islam. Hence, this begs the question, how far can our opposition-led state governments fulfill all their pledges? I believe, in every area under their purview like introduction of local state elections (if possible), reorganising city council appointments, streamlining the service provision, cutting unnecessary costs and enhance revenue collection, renegotiating contracts, use of open tender system and such would help.


But how will they help the security issues especially with the increasing crime rate? I am cracking my head as well trying to figure out how the limited powers of state government can help in this matter. Can they intervene in the affairs of the state police? Somehow I feel they are powerless. Perhaps by helping one another, the five states can form a Coalition of Five to request for assistance from the Federal government? This present a whole new working relationship the opposition must have as they practice their G2G skills.

Yet the pospects of governing a nation is daunting. I believe, even the opposition members themselves are fearful. I believe many asked themselves, "What if we fail?" To be honest, failure is not an option. Because deep in our hearts, we know BN will never reform unless it loses the seat of power i.e. the Federal government. It might be disappointed with the present result, but it is not badly hurt. They still control the oil producing states. They control the nation's purse. They control the civil service and defense forces. They freely appoint judicial members and enact laws within the confines of the Constitution.

The opposition-led state governments face a trying time. Perhaps Kelantan balanced development suffices for them, but will the other states be content?

Like Tan Sri Khalid indirectly hinted in relation to funding, which requires cooperation and understanding, for the betterment of this nation, the Federal and state governments shoul not forget who the real bosses are. We strongly yearn for a change and we had a tsunami. Don't make us desperate.

Sunday, 9 March 2008


I went to Malacca after I cast my vote. It was a hassle really to wait in line but nonetheless, my aim is clear. I must cast my vote to support PAS (Parliament) and PKR (State). Honestly, this is not the best example to follow but I voted without knowing anything about my candidates. All I know is, one is a moon, the other apparently, an eye (I still think it is a eclipse on a moon though). Sigh... it is like an ancient arranged marriage where one will only see the spouse on the night of the wedding itself...

Where I started. Sigh... Sadly no reading material like the lady in front of me...

I am worried in the sense that both these candidates are facing formidable opponents with huge majorities where the incumbents previously won with huge majorities (I am partly to be blamed for casting my votes for them previously in 2004 general election).

About 40 minutes later, bored voters waiting after me...

By the time I reach there around 10 a.m., there are about 50 people waiting in front of me. Wow... this is worse than a queue in Immigration Department applying for renewal of my passport. Anyway, by the time it is my turn (about an hour later), I readily hand in my identification card. I noticed the serial number of my voting papers are still there. But thankfully, no one wrote the serial numbers at the side of my name. It was quick. Scan for the logos and cross at the boxes next to those selected symbols.

After like what seemed like eternity, I am close to my target...

I went off soon after to Malacca to see the situation there. Feedback from my friends indicated DAP will retake Kota Melaka. Good...

Of course, more good news came. Many of the useless Klang Valley Lassie wannabes lost. The part on Kelantan being retained by PAS is good but but the shocking moment came when I was told Penang has been captured by the Opposition! Wow.... and then news about Kedah being captured as well. I was thinking, perhaps RPK is right, he has make a very good prediction! Sadly, Perlis and Terengganu remained in the hands of BN. But as replacement, the Opposition garnered enough votes to capture Selangor and Perak!

And the good this is, I read in Malaysiakini, my former MP lost by 26K majority to the PAS candidate! I almost shed a tear hearing that. Despite, my constant preaching to others about the importance of their one vote, I feel tired and indifferent because I realised that collectively, many people just don't believe that their 1 vote will make any difference. Now at least I can go round and tell each and everyone of them that change can come if we collectively work together to make it so! Haha...

And of course, by the time it is 2.42 A.M., I read from Malaysiakini that BN lost their 2/3 majority and the Opposition collectively garnered 82 parliamentary seats! Yay! No more tears, just gladness and joy.


Finally. The Lord has answered my prayers.

And now, the new journey begins. Somehow, as I drive along Elite highway and pass through the Sempadan Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan signboard, Klang Valley felt different.

Oh, by the way, my PKR state representative candidate won too...:O)

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Oh Conscience, Where Art Thou?

Before we willfully commit a sin, say lying, don't we feel a pang of hurt in our chest? Or when we already committed something terrible like accusing your friend of cheating you and later finding out he/she is innocent, don't we also feel the same pang of hurt?

Often, if your watch movies, cold blooded murderers are often identified as heartless beasts. Ever wondered why? Yet, we somehow readily identify what heartless mean. To many heartless carry the connotation of cruelty, evil, disgust, injustice and such. Ever wondered why?


When we see poor, helpless people in trouble, we again sense this pang. Somehow, we realise deep down inside, the right thing to do is to go out and help. Very good example is when you see someone falls down and have difficulties getting up, would we not quickly go and try to offer aid? Or when a pregnant lady has to stand in a bus, would we not stand up and offer them a seat? Why do I do it? Have you ever asked?

So, if you and I can have this pang once in awhile, don't you ever wonder why many members in Parliament don't have one? When they were informed about PKFZ scandal, many just turned a blind eye. When they were also informed about Gerbang Perdana getting a RM100 million for free, they don't even bother raising complains in Parliament. Somehow, they can give numerous excuses without blinking an eye and smiling as they said it. They can even turn the table around and start calling people stupid, penyangak and goblok.

So then, where is their conscience? Yes, that's the word. Conscience. Conscience oh conscience, where art thou? Have thee forgotten thy voice?

Perhaps, maybe, all it needed to drown the small still voice is merely a sincere excuse....

I need this job because I need to support my family.

Or an attachment excuse...

I have worked so hard to be where I am, am I so stupid to throw it away?

Or mere indifference...

This is not my problem. Let the leaders figure it out.

Or pure fear...

Shit! Its' the Whip!

Day in and out they probably face heart wrenching issues requiring remedial. It doesn't have to be grand. It also doesn't have to be loud. But it requires to be hear. It is a start which should then be followed by a call to debate, to move a motion, agreement, brainstorming and finally, implementation. To ensure effectiveness, measurement of success should be determined, KPIs if you would like, with results recorded, examined and benchmarked against the measures set.

But has that been done? Has justice be rendered to the poor, weak, helpless and downtrodden?

Or has the daily routine numbed them to the point of ignorance? Will the poor, weak, helpless and downtrodden continue to be exploited by racial division cursed to remain a non-issue only to be an important issue at the eve of every single election?

The poor, weak, helpless and downtrodden need a voice. Not just any voice, importantly, a strong, vocal and principled with fairness, equality, justice and brotherly love. It may have been buried in those who downplay and deny its existence yet we should allow it to manifest. That's right even in Parliament, conscience should assume a physical manifestation.


Will we on March the 8th allow a representation of our collective conscience to assume its rightful place in the August House? A wave of Nays in the sea of Yeas?

Or will we just accept the sins of the incumbent ruling coalition and brush aside their blatant disregard and contempt shown towards their good conscience as though nothing happened?

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Inflated Ego by Lassies Wannabe

What a horrible day I have just been through today. As you know, I am in the "no mood" stage since yesterday. I have been meaning to write more stuff on politics but I think enough is enough for now. Afterall, the amount of things being highlighted is starting to be like an old record playing over and over again. But before that...

What I dislike most of course is the way MSM keep advertising and highlighting the virtues of MCA and their endless and shameless promotion of the following statement:

Working Quietly. Efficiently. For Results.

They are quietly working of course. Yes, very efficiently. But what results do they have to show? One of the lame "works" they claim to have done is to increase total hours of Chinese programming on TV per month i.e. 2002 - 7,433 hours to 2007 - 16,410 hours. The first thing that I realise is they are perhaps talking about Astro and Media Prima. Do anyone notice more chinese programmes played on TV1 and TV2? No? Well, if you try Media Prima's stable of TV stations like 8TV and subscribe to Astro's Dynasty, New Emperor and Gold Packages, you do have lots more programmes to watch. So what does that tell you? Is it a not-for-profit reason Media Prima and Astro is showing so many chinese programmes? No? Then what is MCA talking about working behind quietly? These are entities out to make profits. If it is not profitable to show those programmes, do you think they will bother?

Another lame thing they have been bragging is of course MCA and BN leaders have always emphasised on strengthening Malaysia-China ties resulting in increasing trade with China from RM71.43 billion in 2004 to RM115 billion in 2007. Again, can MCA please explain did DAP ever emphasised on weakening the ties? Also, since other countries around the world which are more critical towards China like US and other G7 countries in matters like China's trade surplus, strong Yuan, human rights records and even on Taiwan yet at the same time increased their trade with China, should we assume MCA contributed to that?

Like I said, if MCA is so good at stealth work, why don't they effectively convince Abdullah to put the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission? Afterall, some MCA members like Lee Hwa Beng and Chew Mei Fun are all for it. Also, why don't MCA also convince Mr Big Ears (who claim to have all Malaysian interests at heart) to set up an Inter-faith Council and Non-Muslim Affairs Department? And why don't MCA as a party, move a motion to resolve the whole problem with Article 121A of the Constitution to remove the ambiguity of which court has the final say?

Yes, MCA, you had more than sufficient time to fix those problems highlighted above. In fact, if you manage to look into it and...

Working Quietly. Efficiently. For Results.

You will not be where you are today. It is precisely because you have done nothing concrete that you have to resort to claiming credit for something you have contributed little to achieve. Just because you are conveniently there, it doesn't mean it is yours!