Thursday, 29 May 2008

Fussing About Extra Working Hours

It has been a tiring week.

Since taking up this new job, I seldom see the sun setting unlike in my previous job. Gone were those days when I exit the carpark and I get to see the bright glaring sun slowly make its way down the western horizon. The plus side is, as I had to work till late nights, I don't have to "fight" with road hogs who somehow concluded his/her ownership of the road on the pretext that his/her grandpa may have either paved or peed on the right most lane of the road.

However, the biggest drawback from taking this new job is that I have less time to read, analyse and write my opinion on what is happening around me. Sorry for the inconsistent posts!

Anyway, as far as I know, employees have limited annual leave days. In fact, a lot of people choose to carry forward their unutilised annual leave days in hope they can get to use it at a future date. Such is the pressure to make a living in the midst of meeting deadlines and trying to earn our monthly keep. So, other than annual leave, rest days and the public holidays, felllow workers have to work at least 8 hours a day, for five days in a week, 52 weeks in a year. Altogether, assuming 20 days allocated for annual leave, 16 days for public holidays and 104 weekend days, that roughly work out to 225 of working days or 7.5 months of work.


Of course, this will not be true to those who have to work on weekends, public holidays and such in hope of earning the extra income. What more those who work more than 8 hours a day to meet deadlines?

Which is why, I am perplexed why should the Star Online even bother to highlight that Parliament sitting throughout the year as though it is a negative thing. Take for instance,

Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said this might happen as, more MPs were taking their time to debate and pass the bills in the new Dewan Rakyat.

“For this meeting, we have had to postpone a few bills, which were supposed to be debated, to the next because of time constraints. Maybe we will have to change into a Westminster-style Parliament that sits for the whole year with holidays in between.

Honestly, what is wrong with more MPs taking their time to debate? If a bill is delayed or postponed because the bill has loopholes which need to be addressed, isn't it good to get it right the first time?

"In the west, it’s rare even for the Prime Minister or the Minister to take 30 minutes to deliver his speech. Here, some MPs spoke for two days,” he said, adding that he wished that an MP would restrict himself to just 15 minutes.

Perhaps there many issues required serious attention? Imagine a situation of person raising 50 points why a certain bill affecting the rakyat should be addressed before it is passed. Again, what's wrong with it? Well, I agree if they are long winded, they should summarised their points. But in the case of a debate, policy makers must be fully aware of the responsibilities placed by the rakyat on their shoulders. They should not take the interests of the rakyat lightly!

Again, you and I have to work at least 225 days. How many days do our MPs work? Based on the Parliament of Malaysia website, for 2008, it appears they have to appear in the parliament for a total of 71 days. And sitting throughout the year with holidays in between is a bad thing? Go figure...

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Diminishing Choices

I started work last Tuesday in a new and remotely related field from the one I was in.

Many asked why didn't I take a break before starting this a new job. Honestly, I don't see the point of doing that. Will 1,2 or 4 weeks rest really make a big difference? For me, it is all in the mindset and the quicker I immerse myself into this reality, the faster I learn the ropes to survive.


Afterall, I made up my mind and therefore here I am, thrust into a different environment. The problem with me is, I have an innate inability to chat up strangers. First impression matters of course as this is only a precursor of what I can offer. It has not been easy and language is a barrier as well. But at my age, my choices are narrowing fast and I have to place my bet.

I am not exactly young. I have only so many years left before I return to the Lord and I now have a family of my own. How I envy looking at the pre-teen kids I teach in Sunday School. So much potential, such carefree living. I am not surprised that they believe they can somehow live forever.

This is a gamble which some felt I will fail hence many wished me best of luck. But the one thing I learn in life not too long ago is to not let in to fear. Because, the certainty of sticking with the devil you know is the devil you know. The deep blue sea presents opportunities even as we perceive great adversities.

Well, if I do fail, I know at least I tried and put in my best. The difference is, this cannot be a half hearted venture and it is a drawn out process. Failure at the onset cannot be viewed as a total failure. I wonder when will I know a failure is a total failure?

To this, I can only offer myself this chinese proverb, "The boat when it reaches the pier will naturally straighten out."


I wish to say the same to my mom too as she undergoes her chemotherapy. The doctor said her white cell count is too low to take the second shot and she has to go back the next week to do a white cell count. Meanwhile, mom has lost her "crown of glory" and in its place, she wears a headscarf. Also, she has not smiled for some time now and she looked weary and tired. She still scolds the maid for being slow though in doing her work. Hmm... I guess it takes more than one breast removal surgery and chemo shot to weaken her spirit.

I guess she accepted her limited choices and she would want this to be over as soon as possible.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Blame Game

I don't know about you but I am guilty of the blame game sometimes. Afterall, isn't it convenient to blame others for the problems we face?

I lament that the air is bad. Or the water taste bad. Or the country is run by idiots. Well, some are valid complaints but others are obviously contributed by me (one way or other). For instance, I sweat a lot. I need my room temperature to be at 22-23 degree Celsius. Naturally, in our tropical climate, the only way to achieve this weather during the day is to switch on the air-conditioner. And what do air-conditioner run on? Electricity generated from burning gas and coal, which are non-renewable and pollutes the air.

Can't stand these sights really. I pity the dying grasses.


Also, I can't stand seeing the grass and plants dying in my house compound as a result of hot and dry weather. I would make sure it is watered. And we know that during the dry season, water is a scarcity and should be used in moderation. But, no, I would use the clean water running out of the pipe to water it. And my house don't have special storage system to capture those rain waters running off the roof during those rainy days which seemed quite long ago.

Instead of doing my bit to save the environment, I blame the weather. I blame those drivers on the road, our national policy of giving so much benefits to manufacturers (hence many factories here in Malaysia contributing to polluting the air), the government for not providing a better public transportation and et cetera.

Similarly, I can see where the Government is coming from when they argue for reintroducing windfall taxes.

This is something the Government would love to see more but somehow I doubt we will see often once those taxes are introduced


It is the fault of the rich who makes excessive profits that there are so many poor. Not only do they drive expensive cars, some actually have 100 cars in their collection. Nevermind that they need one driver at a time to drive one car, the fact that they have 100 of them means they are wasting resources. And where do they get all these monies? Naturally, from their business savvy and acumen in making money.

No doubt aided by repressive laws which undermine workers asking for a minimum wages. Or the fact that in ensuring there are full employment, the Government gave tax breaks to these terrible "robbers of the masses". And let's not get started with those MSC companies which freely employs foreigners (with 10 years of tax exempt status to boot!) where our local skills are found "lacking" or too demanding. Yup, the problem is the rich had it good for far too long and the rakyat expense.

Now you know why I think some blames are definitely unfounded and grounded on selfish thinking while others are definitely valid like 1+1 = 2?

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

When Desperation Reaches Ridiculous Levels

Honestly, I don't know what is the fuss about. In fact it is really a non-issue. But people are nostalgic and they would like to give credit where little is due.

So the old fox decided to gamble it all. He resigned after being challenged to do so. And of all people, apparently the guy was from PAS. So?

And many predicted doom and gloom, as though this will hasten UMNO's downfall. Seriously, people, if UMNO falls, it is not because of Mahathir, it is their continuous denial of their outdated philosophy of life.

And being a man of contradictions, this time, he is taking great lengths to live up to his reputation.

And for the same reason he caused many to never return to the fold, he now forced himself to leave the very throne pretender he created in place of the fold


Imagine you are an UMNO member. You aren't happy with what has happened of late and you don't agree with the current leadership. In fact, the recent losses suffered was humiliating enough. Your skewed view of the whole world, is no longer as foolproof as before. So, in looking for a solution, despite the obvious, you decided to hear out what your ex-president has to say. He said, people must en-mass vote for change to tell the present leadership, well, they suck and suck big time.

Having decided and all eager to do just that, you patiently waited for the day to come for your division rep level election. Next thing you know, that ex-president decided to resign and tell you to also resign en-mass.

So what would you do? Resign and forfeit your right to at least on the surface to make a change or remain and hope your vote will make a difference?

It is obvious what power hungry ones will do. Personally, en mass resignations would be a joke and why would anyone be bothered with non-issues and splashing it as though it is a major news???

For this reason, there is even less reason for me to write about Politics M'sia knowing how ridiculous this nation has become post March the 8th. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Lame Excuses Given To Justify Another Monopoly - Is this Government So Dense?

As you are well aware, I have deep trepidation when it comes to monopoly. I don't believe in monopoly of power, what more when it comes to business?

So when I hear the Transport Minister excuse for allowing Puspakom to retain its vehicle inspection monopoly for at least another 15 years post 2009, it makes little sense. Apparently, the Puspakom role is so crucial that it cannot take any competition at all as it is highly susceptible to business risk. My question is, why let a wholly owned subsidiary of a profit concern public limited entity i.e. DRB-Hicom run it? Don't DRB-Hicom also run other businesses that are susceptible to business risk? So why is this business specially exempted? And why DRB-Hicom? Why is the Government providing them such protection?


If commercial vehicles are required to be inspected every 6 months, inspections done private cars financed by banks and mandatory inspection of vehicles prior to ownership transfers, isn't there a huge demand for such a service considering the amount of vehicles on the road? Interestingly, according to the Star Online article dated 16 May 2007, in 2005, there were 579,520 car ownership transfer transactions conducted. At RM30, that would translate to RM17,385,600 annual revenue earned assuming no change in number of car ownership per annum.

And what about the number of commercial vehicles required for semi-annual compulsory inspection? One can safely assume there are at least 354,412 (total number of new commercial vehicles registered between 2003 to 2007 per AAM). At RM 25 per vehicle undergo inspection every six months, that would easily be another RM17,720,600 revenue being earned per annum. In total, one can safely assume Puspakom makes at least RM35 million revenue per year.

How many individuals and/or companies do we know make this kind of revenue? What more they will be in business as a monopoly for another 17 years (including 2008)? For 17 years, Puspakom is assured of earning guaranteed revenue of at least RM595 million!

Also, the Minister claimed that it is a social responsibility on the part of Puspakom. Again, how is it a social responsibility when the Government forgoes RM595 million income and passing this to a profit driven private concern?

If the Government is serious about regulation, it can regulate the industry by forcing operators of this nature to maintain an acceptable level of standards. Let customers decide which one can serve well and naturally, those that loves to receive complaints and do nothing will definitely go bankrupt. Slapping Puspakom's hands once every two months when you ended up begging them to do your work is not exactly my kind incentive to improve on the quality of services.

I don't know but is it only me who thinks this way?

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Quota System - Why The Road To Hell Are Paved With Good Intentions

When someone says "quotas", what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it is university seats in our local universities. Also, quotas remind me of approved permits. And the unwritten rule that MNCs and large corporations are supposed to ensure 30% of their workforce consist of bumiputeras.

So, are quotas good or bad? To me, in this case, whether it is good or bad, derives not from the intention but rather, the outcome. But knowing that I can't live forever and that outcomes have trickling down effect that lasts more than a lifetime, my limited mind would only judge the outcome I see for now and until the end of my lifetime.

Anyway, I am not talking about university seats, approved permits or 30% bumiputera workforce requirements, though it is related.

As you can read in Malaysian Insider today, apparently our Government is toying with the idea of implementing a quota system to ensure subsidised fuel truly benefit those who deserves it. Details are sketchy but under this scheme, motorists are penalised for having higher engine capacity cars or motorcycles. Of course, the degree of "punishment" depends on the level of "sin" committed. While the holier-than-thous preach a simple "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", surely life is never that simple to begin with?


So as much as the Government would like to be fair and make the rich pay for the poor, I am seriously doubtful how will this Government be able to pull it off?

Like in a computer game, the more barricades/levels of difficulties being placed to "test" the skills of players, the more likely the players find ways to overcome it.

Ceterius paribus, some can argue, "Let's introduce a subsidy card!". To ensure it works,"Let's set up a centralised entity to properly distribute the issuance and maintenance of these cards!". Logically, that means someone must set up this entity. It must be a monopoly to make it work and whenever it involves a monopoly or oligopoly, that means, inefficiencies. So how do a player employ a cheat code to overcome this?

Personally, I would look for a 2nd hand condemned low engine capacity car. I will buy it and apply for a card that carries high subsidy. Then I will use this card to buy petrol which will be used to funnel into my expensive cars.

But then, the Government could then say, "Well, we will make sure the petrol stations monitor the cards being used!". The problem is who is going to monitor these station kiosks owners? Collusion in the face of abnormal profits, will inevitably encourage people to cheat anyway.

So, what if the Government would then require that the engines of higher capacity cars be designed to take different octane levels? Again, it sounds good but there are thousands of higher capacity cars right now that works fine with burning lower octane fuels.


Perhaps the Government would like to ration? But honestly, does it really mean fuel guzzlers are the domain of the rich and powerful? What about the neighbour of yours who have 5 children and they need multi seater vehicle to fetch his/her family to travel? Or the kind auntie down the road who fetches your children to school along with her MPV? Isn't the Government punishing those who decides to have large family? What ever happened to 70 million population target?

All the Government is trying to do is reduce the subsidy and ensure fair distribution. Is the subsidy scheme THE method to do so? But what I do know is if we introduce more inefficient methods to correct market inefficiencies, it will never work and it ended up, more often than not, benefit the wrong people.

Ask the fishermen who purchase subsidised diesel. Or the new owners of the subsidy card and centralised quota distribution system.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

VK Lingam Tape Findings: Thanks for the obvious revelation but what's next?

One more week to go.

Is this a cause for celebration? I am not sure. But what happened last week was an eye opener. I have to admit, I am naive. I realised as much as I would like to avoid any "bad blood" and hoped for an orderly handover, more often than not, it will never happen. One can only propose, truly God is the only one who disposes. Things are complicated when everyone inevitably ask, "What is in it for me?"



Anyway, on the headlines yesterday, apparently the royal commission has concluded VK Lingam spoke to Fairuz. So what's new? Additional evidence that our judiciary is less than independent? Like the recent judicial reform general proposals and acknowledgement from the PM on what happened in the 1988 judicial crisis? Mahathir of course said this the royal commission is a scam perpetrated by Anwar as a form of "blackmail". This got me thinking though.

Considering the actions of late and if we follow the money trail, surely someone else, other than Anwar, will benefit from this "revelation". Someone who has everything to lose if this tape was not revealed in the first place? Well, two wrongs wouldn't make one right...

Of course, the wide repercussion of this whole episod has added to the long list of grievances suffered by the rakyat be it skyrocketing prices of goods and services, erosion of non-Muslim rights and increasing blatant display of opulence enjoyed by those in power and/or those seen walking close to them. I need not repeat what happened on March the 8th.

I will wait for the full report to be made public. Importantly, will the Government have the will to go further? To truly institute real lasting reforms that will restore the judiciary to where it was pre-1988?

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Why Do I Still Fear?

This morning I dragged myself into office filled with trepidation. I was worried. Sigh... Must it be a showdown? You see, a good night sleep or in my case, a bad one but I was thoroughly satisfied reading the online manga on the whole night to distract myself do change one's perspective of things.

Honestly, I was filled with anger. Though satisfied the day before giving an ultimatum (not like I have much of a choice given my new employer also set an ultimatum for me), I don't feel all that good inside. In my mind, why must it come to this stage? Tsk, tsk. What a waste.


I had no mood whatsoever to work. But I know I have to complete my work. Then the phone rang. It was my boss. He told me to go into the room. Sigh...

He wasn't too pleased from his facial expression. I was thinking along the line,"You can pack and go. We don't need you."

Instead, he told me he is agreeing to the 2 weeks notice after discussion with my managers. I am not sure how that changed his stand ("They are putting a knife at my throat." was his most "memorable" phrase) but I know the 24 hours notice shocker must have jolted him somewhat. Seriously, it was a gamble that paid off. I felt relieved (but deep down, it doesn't seem that way).

Anyway, he wants me to finish this report by tomorrow. Problem is, I started but it was like an intro page. I told him that. He said, he still needs me to help him to write some stuff. He said he has a trip to make next week. So he can't see the report. Sigh. Fine. In my mind, I will try my best.

After stepping out of the room, I proceed to do the report. In my mind, it would have been easy if it is just writing the report alone. But I have a presentation to do. I have to still run some models and revert to the client. Obviously, by the end of the day, I am tired. I decided to go home. Besides that, the report can't be completed until a model is established. Gosh. It is a cruel world indeed.

Yes, I know. I have resigned. I spoke to my friend, myrrkat. She said, just tell him tomorrow you actual progress and toss the ball back into his court. See what he will do. Sigh. How I wish it was so.

The responsible me keep beckoning me to work till late night. But I still have 7 more episodes to go before I finish the manga! Sigh... manga calls...

On another note...

Yes, I am well aware to that some silly minister somehow was apparently misconstrued when he said that in fighting corruption, having OSA is sufficient to take care of the interests of whistleblowers.


Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz told the house this morning that the government had no plan to enact the (Whistleblowers) Act, as well as the Freedom of Information Act.

"We have no plan to enact any of these acts because although we have the Official Secrets Act, the cabinet can decide on anything that need to be declassified at anytime," he said in replying to a supplementary question from Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (PAS-Kota Raja) during the question session.

Siti Mariah had asked Nazri whether the government would enact the Whistleblower Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

However when met later at the Parliament lobby, Mohd Nazri said he was misconstrued over his reply in the House.

"What I meant is that we have no intention to amend any existing Act and the Whistleblower Protection Act is not even an Act yet," he said.

I see. So apparently, when Siti Mariah asked about enacting Whistleblowers Act and Freedom of Information Act, his one size fit all answer must be understood in the context of only dealing with Freedom of Information Act.

I know it sounds illogical. One deals with keeping a key prosecution witness as a secret, the other deals with being transparent and accountable about national records like a toll road concession agreement. How do these two agree anyway except it is about secrets and that one is obviously alive and wants to keep it that way while the other is dead but haunts the living?

Tsk, tsk... Now you know why the BN Government felt defamed all the time?

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Showdown

I can never compare myself to our folk hero, RPK. Seriously, what he is doing is something many of us who hide behind our pseudo names would think twice about doing in real life. Yet, deep down, who amongst us, given a choice, will not uphold justice and righteousness? Aren't we called to stand and help the weak, downtrodden and helpless?


I pray that the good Lord will keep RPK and his family safe and sound while justice be served. That the high court proceeding on October 6 to 10 will bring about revelations and evidences for the court of public opinion.

Where is my country heading to? Perhaps it is right to say, we live in interesting times. But I sure hope RPK will be safe. If not, I am sure the rakyat will respond accordingly. Let's hope things will be sorted out and the cruel killers of Altantuya face the gallows. As a nation, we owe it to her family and her.

Meanwhile, I have my own little battle to wage. My boss came back to me today to tell me that after his discussion with everyone (READ: senior management), they came to a conclusion that my 2 weeks notice is insufficient and instead, any short notice will depend on whether he is satisfied I have "completed the work to his satisfaction".

"You leave me with no choice, I have to give my 24 hours notice then."

He was shocked to hear that. I told him the 2 weeks notice is a notice, not a request. He disagrees because it has to be consensual (huh? he thinks this is sex is it?). I had to quote the staff manual description of course and give him an English definition of what notice meant in case he misunderstood...:P


That was when he raised the new project specter.

Which I exorcised it by telling him, it is a straight forward project with 2 months deadline and he has sufficient resources to manage it. He wasn't too pleased when I use two precise words; resource management.

Well, it didn't end there but suffice to say he knows my new employer is involved in a common project and he threatens to purposely delay the project out of spite for depriving him of a staff and blames it on my new employer. He wants my new employer to explain to our customer, what caused the delay. Well, any intelligent person can tell you that no one is on a project alone, they have other team players. But tsk, tsk... he said it out of anger. Shows how mature he is.

My respect for him has dropped. Whatever his reputation is in the market, I am sure it is merely hearsay.

Anyway, I am serving my 2 weeks notice. The responsible me tells me that only flash the 24 hours notice card as a last option. Wait, I did flash to him, but that is to pull a Mahathir. I mean, Mahathir didn't exactly raise the water prices right?

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Starting a new project while serving the notice?

I tendered today.

Leaving my present employment for greener pasture. There is no push factor but given the events that transpired today, I realised a push factor is in the works.

Anyway, I gave my current employer a 2 weeks short notice. Why 2 weeks? Why not 24 hours? Well I could leave in 24 hours. My new employer is paying for it. But they are unwilling to let me go. They cite various reasons why 2 weeks is too short of a notice. It ranges from need to do a proper handover (which is not a problem considering most of my projects are at the completion stage), informing the clients (again, I only need to call a handful) and training up the newbies to take over (yeah, apparently all they need is 3 months of training to catch up).

I spoke to the CEO. He said he is fine so long as my present boss is ok with it. My present boss said he will need to speak to my manager.


And his conclusion?

I have to start a new project. And see to it until the end. Then only he considers whether I can go.

So that will most probably take at least a month. Yes, he wants nothing less than a month notice. But he is using another way to get it. It doesn't seem to occur to him that out of spite I might screw the project. Or that I will just dilly dally until the full notice are served.

The question is, what should I do?

Then came the realisation. Remember the part on Mahathir raising the whole issue we are selling cheap water to Singapore which he then up the ante by asking for an even higher price? Yup, I am pulling a Mahathir.

I am giving 24 hours notice.

You have to hand it to that guy. His wisdom applies even if it is not related to water. Afterall, my new employer is paying for it. Why not right?

Monday, 5 May 2008

A tale of two disgruntles

The first disgruntled customer, Myrrkat:

It is weird really. Imagine yourself being a happy and loyal customer to a telco provider for many years. In fact, it was your first and only one. It made you feel special, until one fine day you decided to try another telco provider.

You registered for a special prepaid number and decided to switch to postpaid. Then the bad news. You have been barred. You were flabagasted.

"Barred? Me? Why?" you asked.

"You were barred by your current telco provider, Maxis. Apparently, your name has been blacklisted." said the Digi sales consultant.

You dialed 123 using your handphone. It was spiral all the way down. You soon realised apparently you have been charged for a service you never use. You twist your brow and then a realisation struck. Your bent brow straighten.


"The broadband bill? But I never got the connection. Your people said I don't have to pay and they will reverse it!"

It was downhill from there. You soon realised you can't register for a postpaid line with Digi. And you have to go to Maxis outlet at KLCC to sort things out. Damn! So you dutifully went anyway. You looked at the clock. Darn, 1.30 pm. Sigh. Oh well...

At the KLCC outlet, the friendly (yet bored and tired looking) sales consultant broke the bad news.

"Ma'am, your name has been blacklisted on CTOS."

That's the story of Myrrkat. Is this love? Is this the price of loyalty? No dear, there's no more love for Maxis. Yes, you can sing your Hotlink tune, you can also run your "It's all about communicating" slogan for Maxis. But you obviously couldn't care. And all for RM12.35 or RM12.36. Whatever.

The second disgruntled customer, Myop101 explains:

It was a usual weekend walk down the Carrefour Midvalley aisle. You noticed a Maxis stand. Then a guy in green t-shirt said, "Sir, Ma'am, would you like to register for our broadband service?"

And I was then thinking, Not interested. I am here for milk and cereals.

My wife pulled my arm. I stopped. She was listening to that guy in green t-shirt. Then we sat down on the chair. And the guy started explaining about the Family plan. Apparently, if we sign up for another supplementary line, we don't have to pay for anything. We asked about charges and such.

"Sir, you don't have to worry, this monthly commitment fees are waived if you don't use the line..." he said.

I interjected,"Free? Are you sure? What if I activated it and stop using it after awhile?"

"It's ok, the monthly commitment fees would be waived." he replied.

That was last year. I checked my April'08 bill. I have been billed RM50 commitment fees for it.


I called. I was fuming. What is this? I thought the guy said it will be waived.

Spoke to Maxis customer care consultant. She wasn't too pleased from her tone of voice. Was kind of rude as far I care. I was fuming mad. I asked for clarification. She spoke and insisted she is right. I told her about what happened. She apparently couldn't understand my anger. I am telling her I felt cheated. She is telling me it is per the terms and conditions of the contract. I told her to strike off the supplementary number and revert my primary line to Value 50 plan.

She was happy when I was done of course. Imagine getting of the line from being yelled at by one angry customer. I am still fuming mad. Where's the love? Where's the recognition of loyalty? Where's the understanding? Well, that's communication ala Maxis style.

The interesting twist is, I got a call from Maxis today. Apparently they were concerned with why I cancelled my supplementary line. I told them what I felt. Yes, the word is cheated. But his question of course is to find out if I will do anything to my primary and the other supplementary line. Urgh...