Friday, 29 August 2008

Why should investors consider Malaysia?

I remember when the Government first announced the RM625 rebate, I was told by someone (not sure if it is my friends or my mom) that I should quickly go and get it. That someone quickly add that "you never know when the Government would change their minds".

I am not surprised. The Government flip flopped firstly on fixing the mechanism where petrol prices adjust on monthly basis by setting a petrol price ceiling of RM2.70 per litre. Next, the Government announced on 22 August 2008 of 15 sen reduction to the same petrol price last Saturday when the PM himself earlier said it will only be adjusted from 1 September onwards.

I am sure we are all too familiar with all the policy flip flips going on in this country. So what is the point of this Government giving a bill of guarantee for companies granted with MSC status? Can the rakyat be confident this will not change? Or what if they decide to make their changes retrospective and it would be a criminal offense as well? The DNA bill controversy is the best example of how disturbing our Executive branch has become.

I seriously don't blame investors holding back their investments and instead invest in other riskier countries. At least they can be certain in those countries of what the risks are. Here, it is something new everyday.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

DSAI Won! Now for Sept 16 Plan!


DSAI won the Permatang Pauh by-election with a thumping landslide mini-tsunami majority of 15,671 votes!


Another step closer to Sept 16 plan. Will BN-led government now tremble and fear? Or will they, in the last days in power, begin to maneuver thraw DSAI's plans to memerdekakan Malaysia? Oh the drama, the drama...:P

Of course, for Sept 16 plan to take place, a motion of no confidence would need to be passed. PR MPs can either move for a motion of no confidence or just reject the 2009 Budget or DNA bill. With the defectors help, His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agung would have a reason to remove the present government.

Some of course choose to take the moral high ground by saying that any frogging/crossover/turncoating/whatever-the-label-is-popular-today is morally wrong. But is a crossover so morally wrong?

For the suffering ordinary rakyat struggling to make ends meet, what would you say?

For the deserving poor but lacking membership to certain "clubs" or the right connections deprived of scholarships or assistance to better themselves, what would you say?

For those who sees no colour but inevitably hate the same human standing with them because of colour due to misguided beliefs that colour makes a difference in our social hierarchy, what would you say?

For those who have conscience, voted into office and believes now that it is time for change but limited by the official party/coalition whip, what would you say?

For me, desperate times call for desperate measures. Afterall, if change is in our hands and rightfully should be done yet we argue on some vague moral high ground not to do it, what would I say to my children? What values am I imparting when the right choices may not be popular ones?

I can't wait for this Sept 16. Perhaps for the first time since my childhood days, where colour matters little and when I was studying abroad and missing home in my late teens, this Sept 16 will truly feel like a real Malaysia day...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Loyal Companion or Property? Your Heart Makes A Difference

As I was walking to my car earlier, I decided to give myrrkat a call to catch up on things. Assuming all is well, I spoke in cherry mode. She however replied in a solemn and sad tone. I found out she was very sad as her dog is having cancer (Her dog have apparently been limping). Apparently, the vet said they can't do anything for the dog as it is a very malignant and aggressive growth. The vet suggested to put the dog to sleep.

She was of course devastated.
Her dog has been a loyal companion for quite a number of years. I couldn't say much to comfort her except that perhaps by putting the dog to sleep, it lessens the dog's pain.


It is hard to deal with death, what more if it is one of your loyal companions. I had personally saw my own pet dog died suffering from a flu infection (it is very lethal on dogs). I wept because I felt helpless and we then just adopted him from PAWS for less than a week. We didn't have the chance to name him.

So when I received this article from World Net Daily, I felt very disturbed, "China flaying animals alive".

As I read on, I stumbled on a video. I watched it.

Tears wallowed in my eyes when I saw a skinned alive racoon dog struggled and died.
Then the stepping on the animal neck and head to crush the living daylight out of the animal? I felt like throwing up.

No living creature deserves this kind of treatment. It is inhumane and cruel. I have posted the video stream below.

Pledge to go fur-free at

I know rural China is poor. I know they need to feed the people. But not at the expense of treating animals like properties rather than living beings. I feel sick. Is this the price of vanity?

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

2 PKR Perak Excos Arrested!


A while back I just came back from lunch and saw this on Malaysian Insider headlines:

TWO PKR Perak Excos Arrested For Corruption

so, I immediately go to the Star Online for MSM scoop (since it is about the others ma...)

Two Perak Exco Members Arrested by ACA

Apparently 3 of the 6 people arrested took RM100K as kickback to speed up approval of housing projects. Tsk, tsk... ACA is suddenly so efficient and coincidentally, PKR is also campaigning in Permatang Pauh by-election.

I wonder...

UPDATE @ 3:08 PM

Well, the link above is no longer accessible and instead replaced with the following:

PKR exco members arrested, PKR claims a set up by BN

Apparently, this is could be a BN plan to take over Perak state government.

Hmm, I wonder...

Sunday, 17 August 2008

A tale of two silvers...

If you have been eagerly watching our best hope for a gold medal win in Olympics (like me) on national TV just awhile back, I am sure you are equally as disappointed to note that our Lee Chong Wei lost miserably to (or get thrashed by depending how you want to see it) Lin Dan in two straight sets, 21-12 and 21-8.


Sigh...we have to settle for another silver, a feat in itself of course, but it is disappointing to see how easily Lin Dan won.

I guess my hope of actually seeing Malaysia's flag being raised and hearing Negaraku being played in this Olympics game will have to wait for another 4 years (or maybe not since I heard the Olympics Council is contemplating removing badminton from Olympics citing Asians dominance).

Meanwhile, right before the start of the Lin Dan - Lee Chong Wei show down, I was watching the finals of women's table tennis gold medal match where (surprise, surprise) Singapore was competing with China. I was shocked as I always thought table tennis is the domain of China, South Korea and perhaps, Japan but Singapore?

Well, when I read the names of the team members (Feng Tianwei, Li Jia Wei, Wang Yue Gu and Sun Bei Bei) and looked at their faces, I realised why. Read here.

Well, one thing is for sure, at least we didn't import our way to settle for a silver.

Btw, China's dominance of the gold medals thus far is quite a shocking turn of event (35 as of now versus 19 won by their closest rival, USA). Is the rise in China's gold medal standing a sign of times? Where will small countries like Malaysia stand in the grand scheme of things? Are we reduced to only settle for silver, bronze or maybe none but mere spectators while China grabs the golds? Or should we be like Singapore, importing talents in hope for a chance to secure a piece of gold medal?

Monday, 11 August 2008

In search for a meaning...

John is just like any ordinary working guy who has been dredging through life by living the expectations of his family. As the only son, he is expected to support and care his parents as they grow old even as his sisters marry off to other families. It is a blessing to have 5 generations living under one roof and importantly, to have each generation living harmoniously with one another. In fact, John's granddad, Alfred, told him when he was younger that in China, there are streets named as "5 generation" street.

John however has a longing. Despite raised as under a strict Confucius regime, he has been searching for meaning of life ever since his first encounter with people of other faith. You see, John used to walk to his school everyday. He happened to pass by a mosque and was amazed to see people coming in unison, irrespective of creed or colour, praying at the appointed hour in a synchronised movement. He began to wonder why people do it because back in his home and his community, most only pray as a family unit and gather in the temples for the gods & ancestors birthday and even then, prayer was offered in a predictable rhytme but not with such synchrony as the Muslims.


Whenever he has a chance to speak to the Muslims, he would do so. To him, he has to know why. Eventually, through discourse, he felt deeply in his heart that his longing for meaning of life has been found. He wanted to embrace Islam but not sure what to do. He approached his parents during dinner and when he shared his longing, he was soundly scolded and caned. His parents said this is all wrong. He as the only son is expected to carry out the ancestral worship. To his parents, having no one to mourn and carry the coffin and sending them off when they pass on is unthinkable. As a strict measure, John was prevented from ever walking by the mosque and his parents took pain to pick him up after school each day to indoctrinate him the values of their people.

Eventually John forgotten about his meaning of life, a sacrifice made to appease his parents and in keeping with his understanding of the need to be filial. That was of course, when John was only in Standard 5.

Fast forward to the present, where John is now 43 years old. In keeping with the filial piety virtue expounded by Confusius, he has been labourously cleaned the ancestral tablets and worship altars for years now since his father's passing. His mother is now a grand mother to his two children, Mark who is 8 and Jane who is 5, and he is happily married with Mary. There are only 3 generations under John's roof but it's ok, who is to know someday there will be five generation?

Anyway, despite what appears to be a good and filial son, deep in John's mind, he knows he now has a chance to reopen the long lost chapter of his life. His dad's passing a couple of years ago made him realised the frailty of life. He realises that as he mourned for his dad, there must be more to life that what the Taoist priests have potrayed during the funeral rites. He saw the pictures of the gods so lifeless, distant and unattached to him and he wonders, is this all the meaning of life?

One day, John decided to visit the old mosque where he was forbidden to go near to. He saw a few men sitting at the verandah and seemed to be in a deep discourse. He was intrigued. He called out and asked if he could join in. Ali, the man speaking at that time was surprised but he welcomed John to have a discussion with them. Eventually, Ali realises John's longing and soon expounded the faith to him. John was delighted and decided there and there to accept the new found faith. The men there was delighted as well. Alas, another has found the meaning to life.

However, being apprehensive of the repurcussion he might face, John decided to keep quiet about his conversion for now. He was worried as he had memories of how he was severely treated for merely sharing his interests to his parents. Like a baby elephant grew up to be a giant still tied to a 6-metre long iron wire, he has not been able to unshackle his fears. As he bid farewell to his brothers in faith, he proceeded to hop into the car and drive off. Little did he know that this farewell is the last farewell he will bid to any living being on earth.

You see, John was later involved in an accident. It was most unfortunate as a drunk driver in a broad daylight smashed his car into the John's car and in that freak accident killing both of them. John was merely following the traffic rules, the drunk driver was obviously... drunk.

Mary was devastated when she received the call. She broke down in tears on hearing that and she took her children to go to the hospital to identify his husband. When she arrived, she couldn't even recognise his face. All that is left for her to recognise is that ring he once wore on his left hand and the unmistakably scar mark he had on his upper right shoulder. "What will I do John? Why did you left us?" as Mary mournfully eek to her now deceased husband.

Later that day, Mary was in for a shock. It turns out that Mary can't claim her husband's body as he has apparently converted to Islam in that same day. And to make matters worse, she found out that the property bequeath by John's father to John , which the entire family currently resides in, is now owned by the State as he has no other Muslim heirs. From sadness, it is now disbelief and anger. "Are you kidding me?" as Mary screamed. Again, Mary broke down, as she looked up, she saw her children tearfully crying and looking at her, wondering, what happened to daddy...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Provision till death?

For the past few days, I felt disturbed. In my line of work, character says a lot about a person's credibility and trustworthy. So when my colleague one fine day declares she is not going back to her hometown, she somewhat caught my attention.

Could it be the high petrol prices? Could it be the expensive toll? Could it just be she is too preoccupied with work that she can't visit her family?

Well, it turned out to be yes for the first two questions and no to the third. But there was more. She said unless her dad pays for the petrol and toll, she refuses to go home.


Sensing she was somewhat being ungrateful (her house and car monthly loan instalments are paid by her dad), I told her she should pay for it since she has little financial obligations. She said she can't afford it since she has lots of expenses. I am perplexed of course. For a single lady with at least 2K disposal income and not having to pay for rent and car instalments, what has she been doing with her money? I then asked does she provide allowances for her parents? She said emphatically with a no nonsense "no".

So in jest I told her she should just bear the cost since her mom and dad all this while sacrificed a lot to raise her and the least she can do is to visit them. In response to that, she said it is her parents duty to care for her. I told her she is 30 years old, she should care for her ageing parents.

To my shock, she said it is his dad's duty to take care of her instead. Shocked, I then asked,"Till when? Until he dies?" She said,"Yes, and you should not be surprised that this is a usual phenomenon. In fact, you should be prepared since your children will grow up to be like me."

Flabbergasted, I told her that if any of my children expects me to take care of them because it is their rights, I will disown them and publish a full page ad on every MSM and alternative media to state just that.

My other colleagues are equally as shocked to hear that and told her off. She said she felt a bit guilty hearing what we said but after she thought about it, she realised she is right and she even loudly proclaim to us that the truth will prevail and she is on the side of truth.


I told her that her dependency attitude is very bad for the kind of work we do. So as a "reward", I named her as leech. In fact, I further "rewarded" her by telling her that I will no longer offer her any solutions and it is her responsibility to find her solutions. She said, "As my manager, I hold you responsible for any of my work done poorly because of your refusal to guide me."

In her dictionary, guidance here include pointing out where to find the answers and how to write them based on the questions I raised.

I am not exactly the best son in town. I am sure there are many better filial sons out there than me. But what I can't stand is this "feed-me-because-it-is-my-right" mentality and having one sitting in front of me isn't exactly a very happy sight to see on daily basis.

If you are me, what would you do?

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Mom's 58th Birthday!

Tomorrow is my mom's 6th pre-chemotherapy treatment examination. If all goes well, she will undergo her 5th chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday. Can't wait for the day the doctor gives her a clean slate of health or at least just say, "you responded well to the treatment and there are no more signs of tumour".

Sometime during the week, we celebrated her 58th birthday. It was a quiet family affair started in a Japanese restaurant and we continued our celebration at home when we sang her a birthday song and presented her a cake (I think it is from Secret Recipe). She took more than a minute making a wish.

In some ways, I feel guilty. I realised I didn't do much for mom and with each passing years, there are lesser time left for us to be together. I am keeping track of a list of places I can bring mom to visit once she recovers...:)

I wonder, in today's stressful working environment, will we be satisfied with a big pay in return for late nights and commitments to work or a lower paying one in return for family time? I know not everyone is blessed with a reasonable pay with reasonable expectation. To all you lucky people out there, do appreciate your loved ones. You only get to live once.

Btw, if you use MRR2 on daily basis, you should take this opportunity to thank God for keeping you well and good. It is saddening to read how for the 3rd time, they found cracks on the Kepong flyover.